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Our Clients are involved in every phase of each project which leads to satisfied customers.  We encourage a team-oriented, design-build, process, utilizing the right people and skills for a successful outcome. Our design-build process helps ensure that one receives the best results at a fair price. It eliminates any surprise element and gives our clients the added satisfaction of having played a meaningful role in the development of an amazing new space. When you work with Kingdom Builders International, everything is simple.


It doesn’t matter whether your project is an expansion, remodeling or brand new Kingdom Builder International is there from the beginning until final approvals and ribbon cutting activities. When a new facility is completed, we help fulfill its potential as it was designed to do. In the field of planning and designing, Kingdom Builders International are unmatched.

Feasibility Study

Evaluating the outcomes of potential management decisions is both critically important and extremely complicated. Through our comprehensive feasibility study process, Kingdom Builders International enable clients to make the best business and building decision. Our services include:

  • Funding resources
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Based Analysis
  • Project Prioritization Analysis
  • Strategic Plan Assessment


Defining the Scope of the Project

A Program is a list of current and future needs that lets a design professional know how to design your building. This list should agree with your church’s mission statement. You have to make decisions early in the process.  Are you going to design a building that will meet the needs of the unchurched or are you going to design a building for people who have gone to church all of their lives?

Here are some items to consider:

  1. Be careful not to take the easy answers (i.e. we need a bigger worship space). Think outside the box. Less than 10% of churches in North America are growing. A typical churchgoer only attends his church. Get out and find out what others are doing. Think of new ministries that will reach your community. Get input from the design professional on what he/she has done and what he/she has seen other churches do.
  2. Don’t spend all of your time making sketches, let the design professional do that.
  3. What are current needs?
  4. What is the desired seating capacity for the worship space?
  5. How many do you want to seat for fellowship activities and or nonchurch related activity?
  6. What activities do you want to do?
  7. What ministries do you want to have?
    – Basketball/Volleyball
    – Concerts
    – Indoor playlands
    – Restaurant/Café
    – Compassionate ministries to homeless
    – Handicap ministries
  8. Number of students and their ages?
  9. Daycare and ages?
  10. School vs. Sunday school?
  11. Parking – 1 parking space per 2.5 people. 60-80 parking spaces per acre on average.
  12. Make sure future ministries are consistent with mission statement.
  13. Audio/Visual
  14. Budget
  15. Acreage – 100 people to 1 acre is a good rule of thumb.

*Note: – Most of the things you need to consider for church programming should be considered for other facilities programming.

Schematic Design: An initial design scheme that seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including scale and relationships between building components and land availability. At the end of the schematic design phase, our architect will present some very rough sketches to you the client for review and final approval.

Understanding Building Codes

Due diligence in different segments of the building industry means different things; however, they boil down to this: Do your homework before you plan, design, and build. In the matter of building codes, due diligence can mean the difference between a successful inspection or a rejection, between obtaining occupancy on schedule and experiencing a delay and safety of those that occupy the facility. Kingdom Builders International checks all municipal codes–state, city, county, and international codes. We work hand in hand in each project with local officials to ensure compliance with all applicable codes.

Audio/Video Upgrades/Customizing

Audio visual production specialists install, monitor and maintain sound and video equipment, including speakers, microphones, video monitors and projection screens. Kingdom Builders International’s combined staff has over 60 years of experience of major audio and video installation and production know-how. We will design your multimedia experience to meet your current needs and allow for expansion. It is critical to choose audio or video equipment because it can make or break your facility.


Construction and demolition debris (C&DD) means those materials resulting from the alteration, construction, destruction, rehabilitation, or repair of any man made physical structure including houses, buildings, industrial or commercial facilities, and roadways. Kingdom Builders International has over 20 years of experience in all phases of demolition meeting federal, state and local municipality codes. In addition, be mindful prior to any demolition you must have  Environmental Inspection and Abatement conducted on that structure in order to determine if asbestos and/or lead based paint is present. if so it must be removed.

Environmental Inspection and Abatement

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a mandatory part of the due diligence process for commercial and industrial properties that are to be remodeled or demolished. Our Environmental Inspection and Abatement teams provide lenders, owners, operators, and purchasers of commercial or industrial property information they need to evaluate potential liabilities due to contamination. Kingdom Builders International consistently comply with all federal, state and municipal guidelines as it related abatement of asbestos containing material.

Insurance Policy Review

It is important to review an insurance policy on a periodic basis. Most insurance policies contain a page in front of the insurance contract that is called a ” declarations page” or “policy summary”. Kingdom Builders International has the resources and expertise to make sure you understand your insurance policy and you know what circumstances are required to fulfill your claim. We offer prior property claim analysis of your current policies to ensure they meet two basic criteria: 1) Proper coverage and 2) Appropriate declaration. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, Kingdom Builders International can ensure that our clients receive the maximum claim amount. “We are your advocate, not your adjuster”. We offer post incident claim advocacy.

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